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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Its Different with SEMI

If you think there's no difference between a private organizer and an industry association in producing trade shows, consider the following programs recently held at SEMICON China:
  • PV & MEMS Technology Seminar
  • Silicon Manufacturers Group 
  • Equipment and Spare Parts Localization Meeting
  • Used Equipment Forum
  • PV Technology Conference
  • Export Controls and Customs Workshop
  • Regional EHS Meeting
  • Dalian Semiconductor Base Promotion
  • SEMI/GSA Joint Promotion Meeting
In addition to the above meetings, workshops and forums, much of the opening ceremonies, executive luncheons, hospitality events and other get-togethers were conducted with the point of advancing industry's interests. Maybe none of these meetings would have been held without the support of the equipment and materials industry association. SEMICONS are not just about selling booths, they are about serving the industry.

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