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Friday, February 20, 2009

Equipment Bookings Lowest Levels Since 1991

North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $285.6 million in orders in January 2009 (three-month average basis). The bookings figure is about 51 percent less than the final December 2008 level of $579.1 million, and about 75 percent less than the $1.14 billion in orders posted in January 2008.

Bookings are at the lowest levels since 1991.

Sheeeesh, 1991!

Can you remember 1991? It was two years before Marc Andresson developed the MOSIAC browser. The World Wide Web as we know it wasn’t even developed. Few people knew what a modem was. Windows and SoundBlaster and Netscape hadn’t been released.

In cell phones, GSM, or 2G technology had just been invented. No one had ever sent a text message before. the Microtack flip phone was $3000 bucks.

1991. Oh man.

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