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Monday, April 13, 2009

New at SEMICON West—Extreme Electronics

Last week we announced Extreme Electronics--a “show-within-the-show" that features exhibits, online and onsite networking events, and a series of mini conferences focusing on emerging market opportunities in printed and flexible electronics, MEMS, high brightness LEDS, nanoelectronics, and other areas.

EE was created to give extra visibility to emerging markets and applications for semiconductor manufacturing technology. SEMICON West always has benefited from exhibitors and program content in emerging markets, but this year we wanted to make it the center of attention this year--not because traditional markets are so dismal—but because these areas represent distinct communities with distinct needs and requirements. Many of the exhibitors that specialize in these areas felt lost at SEMICON West and they wanted to dedicated marketing, advertising and email outreach activities dedicated to these smaller, but growing, niches. SEMICON West is already the biggest manufacturing show in the world for MEMS, high brightness LEDS, PV, nano, and probably printed electronics, but it didn’t feel like it to both attendees and exhibitors. Hopefully, this new approach will better serve these important, emerging areas.

One of the reasons why West has been successful in these markets is the critical mass of suppliers and buyers already in attendance. Last year West attracted over 4000 R&D engineers, 4500 manufacturing and production managers, and over 6000 senior executives from the world’s leading companies—many of whom are also entering new markets like MEMS, printed electronics and solid state lighting. Because many of the technologies and products needed in these applications are also used in conventional semiconductor manufacturing, a critical mass of exhibitors also are already participating.

We are also trying to jump start an online community in these areas that can serve buyers and suppliers throughout the year. We are utilizing the SemiNeedle social networking site to establish groups and engage in real-time discussions about technology and business issues related to these emerging markets. The discussion groups may be accessed via the SEMICON West website at

Extreme Electronics will be located on the SEMICON West show floor in North Hall at Moscone Center. All SEMICON West 2009 registered attendees may attend Extreme Electronics sessions and participate in the online Extreme Electronics communities for free. For more information about Extreme Electronics at SEMICON West 2009, please visit

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