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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Infinite Possibilities

The theme for SEMICON expositions worldwide is Infinite Possibilities. It’s a theme that promises the new and that underscores the principal benefit of trade show exhibiting in the semiconductor industry. New technologies are driving continued advances and changes in microelectronics and emerging markets, in turn enabling virtually endless and expanding possibilities and opportunities.

The people and the companies who are making this future possible are at SEMI expositions.

The dynamics of our industry, the Infinite Possibilities it provides to equipment and materials suppliers, are reflected in this recent statement by Justin Rattner, Chief Technology Office at Intel, “Things are changing much faster now, in this current period, than they did for many decades. The pace of change is accelerating because we are approaching a number of physical limits at the same time. We are working overtime to make sure we can continue to follow Moore’s Law.”

The new theme debuted at SEMICON Korea and you will see throughout the year, in various forms, at SEMICON expositions worldwide.

Infinity/infinite theme speaks to the endless possibilities and opportunities made possible by our industry and by the technologies showcased at SEMI expositions. And, the infinity symbol plays off the number eight in 2008 (and the number 8 is recognized throughout Asia as a lucky number).

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